Happy Treading offers programs throughout the year to keep you running through all four seasons. Find the group that’s best for you and meet us on the trail!

Our programs are always “no runner left behind” and are focused more on navigating the trail and running instead of distance and speed. When you’re enjoying yourself because you feel confident on the trail, all the other pieces of your run will come together. 

New to trail running or wanting a group to run with, we have you covered with our programs.

COVID-19 Precautions in place 

Let’s do our part to be mindful of each other and those we encounter on the trail.
  • If you are not feeling well and have a fever, please stay home. 
  • When we do meet, we will practice social distancing before and after our run by staying at least 6′ apart. 
  • On the trail, if we must, when we encounter others, let’s move as far to the side of the trail as possible. If this isn’t possible, let’s stop, turn away from on-coming traffic, and let them pass. 
  • Please carry with you a buff, mask, etc. . . for use as needed during our runs.
  • If we have more than 4 people show up, we will split up into multiple groups of 4 (which we naturally already do aka “Speedy, “Spee-nic,” and “Scenic”).