6 Colin’s Hope Swimmer Necessities

The Colin’s Hope Got2Swim Lake Austin 10K is this Thursday, September 3rd. Many swimmers have been putting in hours of open water swim training to prepare for the swim and shed light on drowning prevention.

Barrett will be swimming the 10K solo and I will be his swim guardian. We have a new addition to our swim team this year–NeeMoo! We picked him up in Boulder, CO while at Sweet Cow Ice Cream. It can get a little lonely on the water, so NeeMoo will keep me company on this year’s swim.IMG_3581

The swim is also a fundraiser for Colin’s Hope. Donations to Colin’s Hope will help raise water safety awareness and fund programs to aid in preventing children from drowning. Our fundraising goal is $1500 and we are almost there!  Donate Now!

6 Colin’s Hope Swimmer Necessities:

  1. Swim Guardian. I’ll be Barrett’s Swim Guardian this year–keeping him safe in the open water and providing food/hydration along the way.
  2. Team Mascot. Meet NeeMoo! He’s the cute little blue cow on the right. In addition to added company on the kayak, he’s also an additional flotation device!
  3. SaferSwimmer. Every swimmer must wear a SaferSwimmer which is also referred to as the “orange float-y thing-y.” They help the swimmers to be more visible on the water and provide flotation for the swimmer if needed.
    SaferSwimmer Floatation Device for open water swimming
  4. Fearless Leader. Meet Alissa Magrum, the Executive Director of Colin’s Hope. She’s is Colin’s Hope all the time and has enough energy to power everyone during their swim!
  5. Swimming Friends. Training for a 10K (6.2mile) swim can become tedious and sometimes even boring without the help of others to keep you company and swim alongside. Thanks to Colin’s Hope for organizing open water swims and providing swim support!

  6. Most Importantly–A Swimmer!! Barrett (aka: My little fishy) One stroke at a time, and lots of banter between strokes– Barrett will keep me and NeeMoo (and anyone within earshot) company while he swims.


Recover & Move Forward

IMG_3619 This morning, Colin’s Hope Got2Swim hosted a practice swim on Lake Travis. We normally would have knocked out a 2 hour swim, but early last week, Barrett was hit with a severe sinus infection which took him out for most of the week. After a visit to the doctor on Tuesday, the doctor prescribed strong antibiotics and LOTS OF REST. We heeded the doctors orders and decided to join the swim group this morning. The plan was to swim short, nice, and easy. IMG_3618This morning we had about 7 swimmers and 5 water guardians. We entered the water around 6:45 AM just as the sun was coming up–a great way to start the day. The group planned a 90 minute swim (45 minutes out and then turn around and come back). Light boat traffic made for smooth water for all (even the SUP).  Each swimmer is doing their part to raise water safety awareness and there is still much work to be done.  This morning’s news included reports of two more drownings. A 15 year-old boy in Canyon Lake and another in Lake Corpus Christi State Park. Help us help the organization spread the word. Colin’s Hope Got2Swim 10K swim will be held on September 2 and we are all doing our part to raise money. If you have already donated, your support is appreciated and we say thank you on behalf of the organization!

imagesWe have raise $188 and are aiming for $1500!!

IMG_3616 IMG_3621 IMG_3622
IMG_3630 IMG_3629 IMG_3627

The Best Day Ever!

Colin’s Hope Got2Swim 11K

 The culmination of months of swim training in Lake Austin, Pure Austin Quarry Lake, and even Lake Washington was the Got2Swim11K Charity Swim held on the morning of August 28th. Over 50 swimmers and their swim guardians arrived early in the morning to swim 11K after collectively raising over $50K for Colin’s Hope. Colin’s Hope raises water safety awareness to prevent children from drowning and envisions a world where children do not drown. The swimmers started at the Lake Hills Community Park and swam towards the Pennybacker Bridge on 360. Each swim guardian was given a flag with the name of a child who had drown in 2014. Colin, for whom the organization was named, use to say, “This is the Best Day Ever!” which is what Thursday, August 28th was. The swimmers were given ideal swimmiming weather–smooth water and sunny, clear skies. Barrett finished his swim in just under 3 hours and 30 minutes. From the swim guardian point of view, he made it look easy, but at the same time we both know that not everyone wants to swim 11K. Training for the swim was fun, but knowing the funds raised went to a great cause was what mattered the most!

Got2Swim 11k - Start
Got2Swim 11K – Swim Start

Mid-swim hydration & fuel break

Got2Swim 11K - Close to Finish at Pennybacker Bridge
Got2Swim 11K -Near the Finish

Finishing and getting out of the water

Good swim! Great Cause!